Research Study: Top 11 Tips For Sleeping Better

11 Ways to Sleep Better & Deeper

Secondary Research Study by Holistic Sleep Center

  1. Bedtime Consistency: Go to sleep at the same time every night.
  2. Exercise: get regular workouts of physical activity to get a better night’s rest.
  3. Eliminate artificial light: avoid blue light from LEDs, computer screens, smart phones, etc. at least three hours before lying down.
  4. Avoid alcohol: cut down or better yet stop drinking beer, wine, whiskey or anything with alcohol.
  5. Go Dark: Sleep in total darkness to go deeper into the night’s rest.
  6. Avoid caffeine. Stop drinking sodas, coffee, or teas with caffeine, or at least avoid them 8 hours before nighttime.
  7. No big dinners or midnight snacks: don’t eat so much right before bed, so that means no big bowls of cereal or huge buckets of popcorn either!
  8. Leave busy work out of the bedroom: that’s right, keep all the things that make you want to be productive out of the bedroom, and reserve it for only sleep (and sex).
  9. Cut long naps near bedtime. It’s fine to snooze for 15 or 20 minutes, but don’t do it near bedtime or go too long.
  10. Take a hot bath
  11. Quit smoking. Which also contains a stimulant (nicotine)





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