Sleep Specialist Certification Tracks

Sleep Professional Certifications

  • Sleep Coach Essentials Certification Course, 25 hours, $599 – this introductory course covers the basics and prepares students to begin working with clients on the basics. Click here for more info.
  • Certified Holistic Baby Sleep Consultant (CHBSC), 100 hours, $2400 – our advanced baby sleep trainers go through rigorous training to learn how to provide sleep well services to parents of newborns and toddlers. Sleep experts are in higher demand than ever before, so now is the time to join the movement!
  • Certified Holistic Sleep Consultant (CHSC), 100 hours, $2400 – while our holistic sleep consultants can coach and train babies or newborns on overnight in-person visits, this advanced certification is primarily focused on helping teens to adulthood sleep better.
  • Holistic Sleep Practitioner (HSP) – for those earning both the CHSC & CHBSC certifications, this is awarded as an honorary certification.

Contact us for course enrollment information.

Continuing education

Our sleep professionals are required to submit proof of 25 hours of continuing education classes every two years with an re-certification fee of $99.

Board Reviewed & Approved

Our course content is reviewed and approved by our holistic wellness board.


Each certificate is issued digitally for easy printing wherever in the world students are, with the following:

  • The number of hours successfully completed.
  • Official Signature & Seal.
  • A unique certificate number.

Professional Registry

Those who successfully complete our certification course may be entered into the official sleep specialist registry & directory.



Our holistic sleep certifications verify the successful completion of our online sleep specialist courses. They are not licenses to practice sleep medicine, nor are they licenses issued by any state.

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