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What Is a Sleep Study?

what is a sleep study

Answer:  A sleep study is when your doctor or physician recommends that you schedule a sleep study, also called a polysomnography, in order to check for and diagnose sleep disturbances. Sleep studies are done to help the doctor identify sleep disorders like: narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, insomnia, periodic limb movement, or disordered behaviors that may occur, such as REM sleep behavior or sleep walking. Many go in for specific reasons, like a sleep apnea test. Various types of sleep disorders usually require a sleep study because they are difficult to diagnose without specialized observation and monitoring that a sleep study offers.

How Much Does An  In-Center & At-Home Sleep Study Cost

Sleep study costs vary from $500 to $5000 per night, according to research in discussion forums published by VeryWell.com. The average being around $1000 a night.

Sleep Study Is Non-Invasive

A sleep study is generally seen as a very non-invasive type of probe. It is simply an exam that occurs in sync with the patient’s sleep schedule, thus an overnight exam where doctors monitor what is happening during the patient’s sleep, within the body and the brain. The typical sleep study is performed in a sleep lab that accommodates overnight stays. Often these labs are located within a sleep center or hospital.

During the patient’s sleep, an EEG monitors REM and NREM cycles to detect any abnormal disruption or disturbance. Also measured are oxygen levels, eye movement, breathing rates, and whether the patient snores or moves during rest state. This monitoring is conducted by non-invasive sensors.

Sleep Study Test Environment

Tests are done in a room that is usually dark and as comfortable as possible. Even if the patient is not able to sleep through the night, enough data may be gathered to provide useful feedback. Often patients must arrive a couple of hours ahead of time to check in. And, generally to be as comfortable as possible, they may be able to wear their own bedtime clothes, although some of the attached monitors may seem a bit uncomfortable, they can often be easily disregarded.

Data Review

How long does it take to get the results from a sleep study? It may vary, but it can take one to three weeks.

Sleep Study at Home

With new advancement in sleep monitoring technology, there are at home tests that can be implemented too. Whether they are as accurate as a lab, is something to be discussed with the physical or specialist.


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